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Studio Photography

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Ideally located in Koh Samui Island, our Photo Studio is a waystation for islander creatives to gather and make beautiful concepts into wondrous works of imagination. With our photography studio rental services, you get the space you need to bring your work into the world. Our photo studio provides everything you require for projects ranging from fashion lookbooks, advertising, and editorials to food or products. Photo studio rental can be available 24 hours per day, from the short two hours rental to full day rentals. Our premier studio has it all, including:

  • Space – You’ll find great lighting and a 3 meters backdrop in our spacious photo studio. The interior is set up to maximize your comfort and work efficiency. In addition to perfect shoot areas, we have shower room attached to it.

  • Equipment – Our studio provides equipment rental so that you have all the lighting you need to complete your project in professional caliber and on schedule. Most equipment needs can be met upon request.

  • Amenities – Some of our extra comforts include seating, makeup studio, clothing rack and free WiFi.

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Some of Photo Studio Samui Services:






If you have never experienced studio photography, they are some real benefits to shooting in a studio and they apply to both new and experienced photographers.Samui photo studio offers you certain amenities that you just can’t get outdoors.The biggest benefit of shooting in a rental studio as opposed to the outdoors is the control you have over every aspect of the production. Outdoors you have to worry about temperature, wind, heat, rain, and every other environmental variable that could be tossed your way. Even the light is very unpredictable. It can change from hard to soft with the movement of clouds, and on longer sets you can even run out of usable daylight.When shooting in a studio you are sheltered from all those environmental variables and have full control. You can maintain consistency throughout your project, no matter how long it takes. Your light can remain identical from 6 a.m. all the way through to midnight if that is what it takes.You also have full control of your backgrounds and don’t have to travel any distance to get from location to location. You simply build up each set right there on the spot. In the process you can add whatever elements you want. Usually on location you don’t have that luxury. You shoot what is already there, but in a studio, you can create your own setting from scratch.We know that people need to get shoots done at odd hours because their schedule doesn’t allow them to do any shoots during a normal business day.  That’s why we have made our studio space and services available for rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have flexibility for the amount of time you need to shoot.  We can customize our schedule and pricing to the exact amount of time that you need.


Contact us for any information, or to organised a rental or photo shoot we promise we will give good rate

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